“TPI’s assessment of coal mining”, presentation given at the London Stock Exchange, July 2017

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“TPI’s Carbon Performance Assessment of Electricity Utilities”, presentation given at Church House, London, June 2017

“Feeding the world, leaving the land: a macro-economic approach to Malthusian problems”, THESys Lecture, Humboldt University of Berlin, May 2017 (YouTube video)

“The TPI toolkit and the first company assessments”, presentation given at the launch of the Transition Pathway Initiative, London Stock Exchange, January 2017

“Spaces for agreement: a theory of Time-Stochastic Dominance and an application to climate change”, presentation given at ESRC workshop on Climate Ethics and Climate Economics: Fat Tails — Imposing and Redistributing Risks, LSE, September 2016

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“Losing the environment: the endowment effect and environmental discounting”: presentation given at SURED 2016 in Banyuls-sur-Mer, and EAERE 2016 in Zurich