Simon normally runs two courses at LSE:

1. An M.Sc. course on Climate Change: Science, Economics and Policy. This is a compulsory course for students on the M.Sc. in Environmental Economics and Climate Change, and an option for students on the M.Sc. in Environmental Policy and Regulation, and the M.Sc. in Environment and Development. Students on other M.Sc. programmes at LSE can apply to take the course, with admission dependent on capacity and on getting permission from their programme manager. The course takes place during the Lent Term.

2. An Executive Summer School in Climate Change Economics and Governance. This currently takes place over one week in June. We welcome executives from a very wide range of backgrounds, including government, the private sector and the voluntary sector. Our students come from every continent on Earth.

Simon welcomes enquiries from prospective Ph.D. students with shared interests and a strong background in economics or related disciplines. Here is a list of his current and past students:

  • Gianni Ruta (graduated 2014): Gianni’s Ph.D. was on “Essays on Strategic Interactions in Global Climate Change Policy”. He now works for the World Bank.
  • Jennifer Helgeson (graduated 2016): Jennifer’s Ph.D. was on “Whether to Insure Against the Weather: Demand for Extreme Weather Insurance in Developing and Developed Country Contexts”. She now works at the National Institute of Standards & Technology, in the United States.
  • Louise Kessler (graduated 2018): Louise’s Ph.D. was on “Essays on the Economic Implications of Climate Change Uncertainties”. She now works for the Institute for Climate Economics (I4CE).
  • Lutz Sager (graduated 2019): Lutz’s Ph.D. was on “Inequality, Consumer Choice, and the Environment”. He is now an Assistant Professor at Georgetown University.
  • Manuel Linsenmeier (2019-): Manuel’s Ph.D. is on climate econometrics, i.e. using empirical methods to estimate the impacts of climate change on economies.
  • Glenn Gostlow (2019-): Glenn’s Ph.D. is on climate finance, focusing on quantifying physical risk.
  • Ghassane Benmir (2019-): Ghassane’s Ph.D. is on climate economics, developing DSGE models to analyse climate damages and carbon pricing.